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clubs in Louisiana?

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are there any clubs in or near Lafayette, LA i know there are a couple events going on at the hobbytown in Lafayette but do not know of any clubs in the area, would love to join if possible.

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Posted (edited)

There's actually a bunch of them, Jonathan, including a club in Lafayette. Their website doesn't seem to be working right now so here's a link to the Baton Rouge club:


You can use the "Contact Us" link to get more info than I have right now.

And here's the Lake Charles club:


There's a contest coming up in Covington on Sep. 15 and there will be one in Lafayette in November. I don't have the date right now but I can get more info and contacts for you.

I hope to be able to meet you at one of the contests!

Here you go. Just found this.


It should get you in touch with the Lafayette group. There are seven clubs in Louisiana.

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thanks so much. i found out about the contest in november from my local hobby town but he wasnt able to tell me more about the local clubs because they have not been open all that long, so cant blame him for that. i plan to enter my current project in the november contest if i can manage to get it finished by then. and same to you, it would be awesome to be able to meet some people from this forum so i can put a face to a name.

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