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Lightning Expedition

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Cool idea! I never knew that they actually made one in 1:1. I have always been disappointed with the wheels and tires they put in the L kit. They just dont look right. I'm not sure if they are too small or they dont tuck far enough into the wells but I think Revell dropped the ball there. Yours looks sharp. What color is it?

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That looks awesome! And yeah, I also thought the wheels looked a bit small, though they do measure out to around 18-19" scale.

Edit: Actually it's the tires that are short. Stock 295/45R18 tires are approximately 28" tall, whereas the kit tires only scale out to around 24-25" tall.

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I like. You did a nice job on it. It's amazing how much smaller the Thunder looks than the Expedition. I have one in progress that is sitting in some boxes upstairs, probably never to be finished. I didn't know about this one before I started.

Another one I've had in mind for a while is a Supercab version. There was a now-defunct company in CA called Full Effect that produced around 15 of the first generation Lightning Supercabs. Now all I need to do is dig out my Harley Davidson F-150 and my 2nd gen Lightning, and get busy.

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@Jordan White, I was looking at the Aoshima SUV tires I have, but their sidewalls were TOO tall lol. There doesn't seem to be that just right bowl of porridge in my tire bin:/

@SSNJim, first gen like early 90s? I always wanted to make a 1:1 build, 4 door short bed F250 lightning. And yea, this gen body style, we need a 4 door cab!

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