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Lookin' for a '51 or '52 Ford F1 grille

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Lookin' for a '51 or '52 Ford F1 grille in resin. The '53 Ford truck grille won't do. Does anyone know of a source?

I don't think Modelhaus makes it and I saw one vendor at the NNL East that had one with a truck body, but wouldn't separate it or sell me a grille.

Thanks, Bob

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Modelhaus does make both a '51 and '52 Ford front bumper and grille.

They list '51 & '52 Ford car grilles, but no '51 nor '52 truck grilles on their 'site.

Might it have been SJS Details who made the grille you saw?

Not sure if All American Models made the grille or not...Art?

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The front fenders ,dash and the back window is bigger in the 51/52 truck.

There is no difference in width for the front fenders on a '51-51 Ford F1 compared to the '48-'50. What is different, besides the grille motif, is the shape and width of the grille opening (now you know why Revell made the lower part of the forward area of their '50 Ford pickup front fenders a separate part!).

And no, I never seriously considered doing this particular grille conversion as a transkit.


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