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55 Chevy Wagon


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I have been packing for a few months now, hoping to move in November. The good part is my new model shop will be in full time air conditioned space. So .. I'm going to post a model from the past.


This is a 1/18 Johnny Lightning diecast done by Ertl several years ago. It has opening hood and rear gate but not the doors. Door handles are molded on but does have some nice detail over-all.







If you're going to get serious about cutting up diecast, you need this RotoZip.









Stay tuned!



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Ok, Thanks guys.

Here I have the panels cut out and hand filed to the window edges.


Time for paint removal. I like using the Mar-Hyde Tal-Strip II Aircraft Coating Remover. Note: The Klean-Strip Aircarft paint remover is not very good.


The body in primer with the rear side window post added. I also had to add a strip of styrene to the top of the interior side panels and mold to the body to fill a gap.


Interior painted and detailed. I also added plug wires to the engine.


Thanks for looking, Tom

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Making the rear side windows using Evergreen clear .10 sheets. I glued the front section of glass and after it dried I cut to length and rolled the rear section in under the rear door edge lip. The best glue for clear plastic to diecast that I found is GS Hypo-Tube Cement, for setting watch crystals.



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I really like what you did here Tom, super clean build. Did these wagons have any side trim on the body? I know its a plain jane, but was just curious. Thanks for showing how you cut the diecast, as that is the worst part of modding diecast cars for me.:)




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Thanks guys,  I did a custom sedan delivery from one of these. If it's not posted I'll do so.

Lance, They do not have side trim. I have some 1/2 round styrene and thought about but decided to go cheap. 

If you are going to get serious about cutting diecast you can't beat the Roto-Zip. It comes with a Dremel type flex shaft as well.


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