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1:25 peterbilts

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i am going to try to replicate some of the 53 right hand drive 352 peterbilts that came to AUSTRALIA in the 60's.the problem is that they were unilites and the amt is a pacemaker.my ultimate dream is to build all 53 trucks,do any of the resin builders do a unilite cab?

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Unfortunately no kit of a Unilite COE cab was made.

The AMT Peterbilt "Pacemaker" 352 can be converted to a Unilite, I have done several.

Reworking the lower panels of the cab including the headlight panels, grille opening, rear engine tunnel opening, side step-pockets and generally reshaping the contours of the cab (generous amounts of sanding) will be required.

For those who don't know what the UniLite 352 is, it's the cab used on 352/282 COE from 1959-1969, replaced by Pacemaker.


Unilite front view


Pacemaker front view


Pacemaker 352s




Pacemaker tilted


Unilite Right Hand Drive tilted.


Unilite side. The faded green shows the panel lines and detail.

The interior is different also, the Unilite doesn't have the wrap-around type dash, only a padded doghouse with a flat dash above that.


The Unilite cab is more graceful with more rounded roof and backwall corners. The roof shape is arched, sort of banana-like. The Unilite has completely different panel seams, different baggage compartment doors, a small radiator check door. The only shared componants from Pacemaker are the windshield and the doors.


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