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hi all well posted it here because its not really clear what its going to be , yes the base is a pick up but i feel its more at home in this section since everything is possible :)

so , this is my new project based on a a '53 ford pick up kit from amt

i got this kit for free from a guy on a lowbudget chopperbuild forum i'm on , i posted my models there and he had this lying at home for years

the boxart



de content spread out


my latest rods have been 1/24 and becuase i chopped and channeled them they look quite small .

now a 53 ford pick up is already way larger in real life then older fords so that got me thinking .....

i decided to use the kit to make it into a fantasy hotrod

first started to look at the shapes and getting idea's flowing



then i decided to drasticly narrow the body , the roof will also be chopped but first i narrowed it

now it kinda looks silly in proportion lol:)

its now almost as wide as my ford roadster (1929)


after some chopping and glue


then sanded the seems and put some polyester filler on and in the seems , that gets rockhard



after a first flattening


already put in a chopped firewall for extra stability when chopping the roof , thats now braced and drying

next up i recon is the top chop

Edited by crazyrichard

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went on with the cab , rebuild the original firewall into something new

put it in far back a bit slanted and worked in into the body

it now looks silly due to the roof but that will be fixed :)


rough flattening (looks like filelr inside the seems but thats not really so 90% of the seems are toutching and glued)






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thnx :)

well turned outi was too soon with the narrowing of the cab ...

thats because last time i kinda had it easy and was able to line up all the panellines without having to cut the body to pieces , so now i didnt realize the chop ment ...

well no issue i just cut it all up and put it back togeher woth lined up panellines

now its filling the gaps wih plastic and flattening everything again

first installed the partially build engine for mock up while channeling and proportioning the cabine


weird looking cab with the massively hogh roof



then chopped the roof off


cut the body in half since that was too long also and well i did the body because the doors looked too long now


could manage woth 5 separate parts and could do it without cutting the firewall in half again


roughly put together


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filled up the gap of the roof with plastic did the rear first so that would stay in line


i wanted a sunvisor , this is the rough start will get a aditional strip for depth and it wont be as flat and the sides will be closed , also will sand it in a better shape


upper seem i fileld with plastic true "plastic welding"

doesnt seems so due to the balck color but ist alreadt sanded an real smooth


enough work to be done


well and this shows how much smaller the cab became


still makes sense these are the tyre of the kit and the engine and chassis still fit

its almost the same as my other ford pick up but a tad smaller .. well i wanted to make it look smaller to try something new , we will see what happens when i'm further along


small overal sanding job


then tomorrow i have to really fill all the seems with plastic for strenght and then sand and bondo that cab

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Looks cool but I was thinking it also would have been cool without the top and just a chopped windshield.

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thnx guys , you mean the sunvisor ? this one is already of and made a new one :)

i like these style cabs more with a steel sunvisor always gives it a badd ass look

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today i filled the seems with plastic and bondo-ed it with polyester filler


also made a new sun visor with a nicer shape


then added some brackets because its going to be more like a workrod truck ...tow ... ?

dont know yet

then sprayed primer on it that also fills .. prayed it on thick and the shots are right after spraying so its drying now

the detail on the visor will come back after drying and sanding

really needed a good coat to flat the cab later on



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I have no idea where this build is going, but it's interesting to watch.

well me neither :lol: :lol: i just make it up as i'm building...

so far its starting to look nice at least i like the looks :P

the cab is pretty small but thats just something i wanted to try out .. something new and different (proportion wise)

and end up with something thats pretty much not looking like anything specific

i'm thinking about making it into a towtruck ... the looks kinda really makes me feel that would fit perfect

first dressed up the chassis a bit


then did a dryfit , those wheels wont be used just for the testfit



then decided to channel the body some more

also roughly scribed the line between sun-visor and cabine , the primer was not 10)% dry yet so i waighted with sanding the line




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thnx guys !

i sanded the body real good , tomorrow i will give it a second coat of primer to see if there are small things to be done still

getting pretty smooth already

and maybe the body will be a bit rougher if i will go wth the towrod idea




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thnx ! , i like the shape of the cab myself the roundness is kind of cool

Edited by crazyrichard

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thnx and will do :)

the result of a second coat of primer after sanding , i forgot to clean the doorhandles , that will happen and i will ad some losse handles because well that just looks nicer and more realistic

the details will come back more this is a thick coat of primer to really fill the last holes and stuff




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using a engine hoast from the fujimi garage kit as crane arm for the rod , still moves now ..

will be changed from here on


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thnx , but my cat jumped on the table and on the cabine and its no more , was all busted and i didnt feel like trying to rebuild it with all the bondo and i already did a test paint spray on it ...

the cassis was getting nice with the crane idea and i was beginning to make a floorless bed .....


so after thinking and ....i got the idea to use my dan finks speedwagon kit and use that and just ......

maybe some would say huh what why .. well i just got an idea and think it will become awsome :)


the rear of the wagon will becom the back of the cabine the woodtrim will run through then .

back then i cut out the plastic wood and put real wood in there , i always thought i need to change that and the wood should be less far in , so maybe now i can do that and add lighter wood

so i chopped the rear off


and placed it loose on te cahssis to see if this would work


i want to put duelys at the back



the grille


so now its a matter of doing the bodywork and trurn it into a woody cabine instead of wagon

so we would end up with a woody hotrod towtruck lol

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maybe it was ment to be .....

i cut the cab parts to size


hmm the shape didnt match (off-course)




very rough but i used the side pipes of the 53 ford as stiffness and exhausts , going to alter them so they are less massive



i like it along side my other 3 rods



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Man Richard, that really sucks. I was really excited reading through all the post to see where this was going then I read the bad news about your evil evil cat...lol. It's a shame. Could you just chop the roof of and make it a killer little roadster for another project? It's also a shame you had to cut into that woody but it looks like you have a really cool idea coming together so im excited to see where you take it. I'm loving the stacks and dually wheels, they help a lot with the narrow long looking bed and a wide cab. Keep it going man, you got me hooked, no pun intended.

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im a dog guy so no crazy cat in my model room i hope u know that cats and models don't work :lol:

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thnx :) well the body was ruined and busted on all the cut lines and with the layers of bondo and paint ,, nothing to begin with

didnt feel like putting it in stuff to soak everything off again

en yes the bed was narrow due to the fact the other cab was smaller in width..

in a way i kinda still like it and maybe i will ad some fender flares at the back , not sure yet

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