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L600001[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


L600002[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


L600004[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


L600009[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr

I built this model many YEARS before seeing that beautiful blue truck on eBay Motors:


P5240061 by Southgate_08, on Flickr


P5240082 by Southgate_08, on Flickr

I hope this helps someone. Dan

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If you really want a replica, take a closer look at the treads. It looks like a large rubber band with metal treads running over 4 standard tires on each side, likely with some sort of drive wheel in the back. It would not be a simple as using a tank kit.

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That looks to be the same sort of track arrangement that a lot of geotech drills have for their carrys. There are basically two rubber tracks with metal strips running between them. The wheels and drive sprocket run in the gap between the rubber bits. Usually four rubber-tired wheels and a drive sprocket at the front on each side. There was some discussion a while back someone found another one of these curious D-100 rigs and the consensus was that Moebius's Lost in Space buggy would be the best donor for the track setup, although those tracks are a fair bit wider than what you'd see on anything other than a snow groomer.

One of the more common units around these parts anyway is the Bombardier Muskeg. You can see a better view of the tracks here and this is a good view of a dual-wheel arrangement. And this is what it looks like without a track.

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