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Fiat twin engine coupe


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Holy Moly I've just picked up on this! What a fantastic build. I've not looked at this section before, only looking here as my Citroen DS 19 was moved here without my knowing where it had gone.

Superb work David and thanks for sharing the build.

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jbwelda said: "wow! what the heck are you gonna do for an encore?"

No encore, I'm done and finished building this scale. So no more on this forum.

Here's the other car finished.



I want to thank the people who bothered to take the time to comment

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simply breathtaking.

whats the deal with your backdrop. it looks like Bonneville sort of, but sort of not too, but doesn't look like a photo backdrop. is that posed somewhere out in Australia? looks super nice with the car in the foreground.


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jb, the salt and a portion of the mountains is a photo of Bonneville from the net. The car was photographed in sunlight on white paper with baking soda for the "salt" element.

I isolated the car and it's shadows from the shot and placed that element on a digitally altered background. There are about 8 pieces of sky to the 'moody' background from

the net. The camera was a $75 Kodak pocket camera and the software is "Painter5" which I've used since 1998. Harry P would have a handle on this trickery.... :)

No more 1/4 scale, I'm building 1/8 and .........what a change.

Thanks for comments jb and Scott.

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