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'57 Chevy Bel Air Custom UPDATE 11-4-12


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I am using the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe 2 'n' 1 from Revell. I am lowering it and adding the custom parts to it. I have got some BMF (first time) and am planning to use it for this. Here's what I got so far.

Kit: California Wheels 57 Chevy Bel Air






Air Cleaner:


Engine (So far):


Thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated.


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nice start!

BMF is tricky, just make sure you use a brand new #11 blade, and let the blade do all the work, try not to push on it, and you should be ok.....once you get the hang of it, you`ll never paint trim silver again.



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I had a tragedy.

I had just put a fresh coat of Bullitt green paint on the body, turning it around, I dropped it. I picked out the dirt that was in the paint (not very much) then I went and hung out with my friends. When I came back I sanded it down and put a fresh coat of paint on. I also got the engine done. So I'll update tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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Sorry for the late update. I had been busy with carport purposes.


But anyways, I got the engine done.


I also have some bad news with my BMF. This is like building models from start. I have to learn BMF like learning how to build a model. But I don't like it but don't want to change it. I did BMF on the side chrome, and Silver paint on the window trim.


Here's the body. Its not a blue color, its more like a Bullitt green.


And a quick mockup.


Chassis painted.


Thanks guys! Any comments appreciated.

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Looks good,I agree with jon BMF can be tricky.i had my share of problems with BMF.I usually start with I need package of BMF I know in the pass when it sits for a while it will not stick to the model.nice job on the 57 Chevy

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