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Aztec Warrior 1950 Ford custom Lowrider Pick up Finished Moved to Under Glass

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Thanks Dave, While the paint is drying between coats doing some detail work on smaller stuff, the engine is painted and that I colored gold. Give it some contrast, but here is the overflow tank that I made and radiator cap, just have to glue other end of hose to cap.

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More updates, decided on a little pin striping here and there on the body, and working on the clay pots for the beds and trailer, some are done with some vegetation and rocks ill add some fruit to others, and the hood ornament.

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Thanks James and Jake, I am on a mission our state fair is in exactly 30 days from today, and I am shooting to have it done to enter it, will have more updates by the end of this weekend, hope to have a lot more updates.......

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The bed of the trailer, the bed of the truck will be the same with the taillights and pyramids on the tailgate.
engine drive shaft and the contrast with the root beer of the frame.
a little something I will be adding to front of the trailer....

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Thank you Jose, scale auto magazine a while back had a how to in it on how to modify them, I believe it was nov 2013 but basically you cut out the inside of the radiator build up slats inside giving them a little space between them then glue detail master radiator face material over top of the slats on both sides. Its easy and looks a lot more realistic that way.

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