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So I changed my mind on the single cab conversion and my original paint ideas got thrown out the window, left it and extended cab, and added some of the body kit (which I later regretted)

First up came a failed attempt at a fade job:


Then I shot the truck Duplicolor Chevy engine orange, with black accents. Came out much better!

After paint and polish:


I used Testor's pearl clear top coat ( Special thanks to Marcos Cruz for getting me into polishing!)


I'm really proud of the paint on this truck!


Now I'm thinking about changing the build theme from a lowered street truck to a another diesel, this time a sled puller. The chrome wheels and stance just don't seem to fit this paint scheme. Hear is a mock-up with the wheels I might use if it becomes a pull rig:


Thoughts and opinions welcome!

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I know I'm all over the place but back to Big Red, the last couple shots before she goes "under-glass," or hits the showfield and some mud holes!

I fabbed up some shocks with external reservoirs out of evergeen rod and detail wire:


Assembled them and made some brackets to mount them:


Painted and installed:


Then I figured what good is a diesel without tow mirrors, so I built a set of those too, I also wrapped up the steering and put some drive shafts in to complete the 4X4 swap:


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Killing it man. I can't thank you enough for the reference pictures. I'm not a big accuracy guy anyways. I just wanted to know wasn't going to mess up my frame or anything. Big Red looks super good.

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