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1/16th DOH Daytona Conversion WIP

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Will be all black except for some purple interior and engine stuff,and no chrome anywhere on the car except for the valve covers, I couldn't resist.

Before the hate purple comments start, Purple is my favorite color so love it or hate it :)

Will have big and bigger steelies with some aftermarket spun aluminum Moon-type disks (the wheels on the mock-up photo are actually going on the Po-Leece car project) , shaved door handles/drip rails/ emblems/window trim, scratchbuilt and blended in rear valence, Blown aftermarket Hemi, (the one sitting in the car is just a mock-up, the engine going in is the purple one, I still have a bunch of work to do on it, LOTS of parts in the aftermarket kit!), scratchbuilt plumbing for injector hat, aluminum aftermarket magneto, tubbed rear end, scratchbuilt cage, scratchbuilt dash and instrument panel with aftermarket gauge faces, simulated switches and shift light, scratchbuilt center console, scratchbuilt interior panels, aftermarket nitrous bottles, etc.

Obviously it is a Daytona conversion with aftermarket nose and wing. I blended the nose onto the body and will add mesh for the center intake passage. I did not choose to modify the rear window to make it a more correct Daytona. These cars are my first try at bodywork so I'm testing myself as it is. I shortened the stock hood, opened it for the blower, and shaved down the center "crown". I always thought it looked out of place on the 1:1 Daytonas, the Superbird hood is much cleaner in my opinion so I did it to this one.

I will list the sources for the aftermarket stuff when I finish the car.

I welcome comments and criticisms.




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