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1/16th Cat 657G scraper Scratch build

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Thats what i had in mind is to use the motor out of the KW kit. I havent made my mind up if I want to build a opeon bull or a paddle wheel ..


Go the paddle scraper, haven't seen one of these built for awhile, and certainly not in 1/16th

Small update

Engine cover has been scribed, and check plate fitted, hand rails started


Air cleaner machined from acrylic, ready for mounting hardware



Front grill painted, ready for it's decal


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That would be cool,but how about if I make it functional? Look great Tony,small updates are good,getting closer to be done.That grill looks great..........



To be honest with you, if you are going to make one part work, then you would have to make the rest function as well, which as experience tells me, it takes a very long time, why??? because to make things work, it requires research, tooling, making, then remaking parts that you are not happy with,I'm at the 5 year mark in another build that has consumed a lot of hours, which can take 6-10 hours to make tooling for just one part that takes 20 minutes to make, then multiply that by 2000 parts

To make a paddle wheel work is relatively easy, but do you really want to see it working all the time?, bear in mind, the more it is running the more it can break, it has to be lubricated etc, to stop it breaking,to over come friction then since you have a working paddle, but why stop there????

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Tony, Yes I do agree with you on maken eatch part till you'r sattisfided with it,I have gave it a lot of thought and Im going too build a OPEON bowl witch will still b cool aspecdailly on a scratch built lowboy ,the tractor will have a drop axle ,the lowboy will be a 3,4,3 ... Shes looking good Tony.Have a good News Year and catch you next year..


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This is Awesome! I have a large collection of 1/16 Farm & Construction equipment so I am going to follow this for sure.

Thanks for sharing


I had a look through your toy collection and have to say..... oh my gosh what a collection you sure have just about everything made and everything thought of,

wish I had your brass collection, you do have some stock, ....... so what do you build with it????

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