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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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Came across an airbrush lot of Thayer & Chandler brushes. There was one in particular that caught my eye as I knew it was old. 

First one is a model A from around the 1970s. Very nice case with paperwork.

The next one is also a model A. I thought it may just become a parts brush as it's missing a few things. Turns out this is an old one too. It should be from around 1920 or earlier. I did get the case with it. I will be restoring this one.

And the one that was most important. It is a model B, larger than the A. The trigger stop behind the trigger shows this brush to probably be from around 1905-1910. The only cup that fits it is the large V shaped one. The others fit the A models.

This is the case for the old model A (it's rough) and I did get the wood insert for the B.

Plus two nozzles (great to have) and 4 needles for the B and seven needles for the A. There is an extra nozzle cap that I'm not sure which it's to and three seals.


This is my first foray into really old airbrushes. At least now I have a couple as old as a pair of my Singer sewing machines.

I have purchased two more brushes. Waiting for them to arrive.

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1 hour ago, keyser said:


Could you start a thread with overview pics in the Tips thread? I’m curious to see collection, bet others are too. 
You know far more about these than most. 
TIA 👍🏼


There doesn't seem to be that much interest. With as many as I have I think I've turned off a few folk here too. I collect airbrushes like most here collect model kits. 

I have learned quite a bit about them. I also have a friend who has forgotten more than I'll ever know about ABs. He is my go-to on ones I am unsure of. I have learned a lot from him and my collection has gotten much nicer.

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To anyone interested. Although I have not posted every airbrush I've gotten I have posted a number of them. I went through my "Find Content" and picked out some I have posted in the What Did You Get Today section. Starting with the most recent.

Two on page 1274
Two on page 1271
Three on page 1224

I quit looking after page 1203 but there is one I'm fond of on page 44 of the What Did You Get Today (Not Model Related section).


Should be a good representation of a part of my collection.

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Just came in the mail! My Texas 3D customs '73 Ford truck grills. They'll need some tweaki g but now I can make my 2 Superstones trucks into '73s and I can give 1 of my Wild Hoss Broncos an earlier grill. 


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On 8/7/2022 at 9:18 PM, HomerS said:

Dropped one of the dogs off at the groomer so the wife and I went to the local antique mall to kill time.  Rarely find anything but did okay today.  $15 for the two and the box.....both are screw bottoms.  The Buick is missing the back bumper

08 22 Antique Mall.jpg

62 Buick wagon.jpg

Ford Ranchero.jpg

Congrats on finding these two. Are gonna try to restore them? Me, I would leave them as is put them into a case and onto a shelf. They are a reminder of a time when parents would not allow painting in the house. I luv the just they are.

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On 8/12/2022 at 11:23 AM, Mr mopar said:

Mail call today ,I got this beauty from Germany and it only took a week to get now that's fast 


Interesting box art. The scene looks familiar to me. Perhaps Oregon coast/Northern California? I've traveled up and down the 101 during the 70s.

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Last Thursday I was tipped to some Porsche kits at a church rummage sale. I picked up UT 911GT1 Evo, a Tamiya 1/20 scale 935( the green Kremer Vaillant car), a 1/24 scale Tamiya 935/77 Martini livery kit and one I never knew existed- A 1/20th scale Union 930 Turbo with opening doors and an engine.

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1 hour ago, slusher said:

Those Merc wagons are getting real pricey..

I actually got those both free from the guy who sold me the ‘55 chevy with the wrong instructions, which also had a broken piece of chrome, so I asked him if he would give me a deal on something.🙂👍 The one is mostly built and has quite a nice paint job on it, and the other one is started.


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The Ramchargers Dodge is a Jo-Han '64.  It's actually the third issue, from 1968.  That was the first one with the Polara side trim removed, and the only one with the Logghe Brothers chassis as an option.  It couldn't be built stock, the two versions were the funny car or Super Stock.  The Ramchargers didn't race a hardtop in '64 but did have one as a display car (and backup if needed).  I believe it was a wedge engine car though.

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  • ranma changed the title to Bought two totes with model's in them at the US 127 Garage sales:: here's what was inside of them...

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