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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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On 11/21/2022 at 2:40 AM, niteowl7710 said:

Local Hobby Shop had one of their "Jumble Sales" over the weekend. Which usually means a bunch of dusty old stock out of the back and some kits out of the owner's personal collection. So this is now officially the most expensive piece of styrene I own (although I have a few resin pieces that have cost more). All there and untouched...


Also grabbed some more mundane items.



nice Cougar

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6 hours ago, CabDriver said:

Have you actually built one?  

No, but the one i had i kept to use as test parts because mine the body was warped a little and dents all over the body.  The main parts weren't any better and just wasn't worth wasting materials on let alone expensive paint.  I had got this one in its place. Not my pic, but much better kit as far as quality goes. To many options out there to settle for less so the virtue of time does not apply here for me, and that's just my opinion. 


24 minutes ago, kelson said:

Wasn't aware they were already out,thought they were coming out next month.

Yeah there is a few folks on ebay selling them right now.  I ordered one for $39 free ship.

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These are my Kijiji purchases made yesterday. The first two pics are kits that are new in shrink wrap, except the Predicta. It is open but complete. The next four pictures were sold as parts kits. I did not respond when the ad originally went up and missed out on quite a few other great kits.







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