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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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now this buy is as exciting as watching grass grow but it's model related ,, bought some wood to build a paint rack. I have to work today so I will build it tomorrow after I get back from my accountant and it will depend on how depressed I am after that trip , and , OMG I just remembered today is my birthday, now I am depressed ,,, 60 years old , please tell me how this happened,, it was no more than 5 years ago I was 22 :wacko:002-68_zpsf7813150.jpg

A very happy birthday to you ! Remember, age is just a number ! : ) There are many here like me who are a tad older. Have a great day !

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Spent the day in Hamilton at the Drag Strip memories Show, got to help out pushing a few of the cars in, any time you get to actually touch and direct the placement of a piece of Drag racing nostalgia is a good day.

Anyway, got a few things in trade from some friends, also was given a few things by friends. Howard Cohen gave me the F150 built up, the '58 chevy and open 454SS trucks were from two other good friends, Anyway the pictures can speak for themselves.






Here's a link to Howards photo's he took today at the show, first 3 pages are from this year.



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I picked through a few built/junk boxes at the swap meet and found these two complete with all their associated parts:


Got some MPC stickers, a GMC van grille (A-Team build), and STP Turbine kit for the riding mower, another '60s ear seated driver figure, a bunch of '90s AMT and Revell/Monogram catalogs, and some more AMT Chevy Rally wheels from the '72 Nova kit.

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Haven't posted anything in this thread for a bit, but here it is from the last month or more. The first bunch is from the swap meet yesterday where I met up with Casey. From Casey I got the Willys MB, Monte Carlo, Ferrari parts(in plastic bag), and various older car mags and Pontiac advertising. From the show I bought the Pegasus wheel/tire sets, brakes, whitewall tire/wheel sets, '71 Charger, and JoHan '75 Cutlass(already took it apart to paint and detail). From ebay I got both Fiero's, a few '80's Revell and Monogram Pontiac Grand Prix's(not pictured, 1 traded), Pocher Volvo F16 Engine, Corvette Indy Concept(not pictured/traded), and various license plates(not pictured). LHS buys- Porsche 928 S4, '66 GeeTO Tiger, and Nuclear Cannon(not pictured). From trades/other- '69 GTO Judge and Chrysler Atlantic(neither pictured) from Turbokitty, Parts Pack Pontiac 421 from Crazygirl, and the '48 Ford Woody that my wife found at a thrift store. Other stuff(not pictured)- the new Dr. Cranky book and stickers, 2 part epoxy, and a fine tooth saw.IMG_3594_zpsd4e32ea4.jpgIMG_3595_zps97ad0331.jpg

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I tried to find the other topic like this but I guess I didn't spend enough time trying so I'm lazy or in a hurry. Don't know which.

One of the reasons I came on board here was to gain more knowledge about model kits. I also like to look for old kits I used to have, be in awe of some of the builds, and to talk to people with my same interest =model cars.

So.. I'm hitting the flea markets looking for kits and diecasts and not really having a lot of luck but now and then I stumble onto to some stuff .

I'm not into re-sell. I'm not looking for what the stuff is worth but like I said - I'm into knowing whatever I can learn about the kits I find AND how rare or whatever they may be.

These are some of my recent purchases- so if you are into it , let me know what you think or know. I appreciate it.

1977 Capri Group II 2108 Monogram Factory sealed

1989 Ford GT-40 #2 (blue one) 7130 Revell Factory sealed

Jo-Han Turbine Car GC300 - don't know if it's original issue or how to tell if it is. The plastic seems pretty old.

1982 Mustang Imsa Miller Beer 2296 Momogram

70's or 80's Miss Budwiser Hydroplane "Bernie Little" - white plastic- no box- missing parts

1/12 Chips Motorcycle - built missing parts (not many)

1/16 57 T-Bird AMT? Built

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The mail man just arrived with a kit I have been trying to get my hands on for a long time. It just about completes my quest to obtain all of the kits for the exciting IMSA GTP series. The Le Mans Miatures Bud Light Jaguar XJR-13. I'll be building the Mid-Ohio winning car of Davy Jones. Now I only have two left to get.....





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good luck with the trumpeter kit :)

those things are so fiddly! it's a cool subject though.

as far as myself, i managed to procure another Fujimi Enthusiast model, the Countach 25th anniversary Lambo, and the 1969 Porsche. i'm slowly getting the full series. slowly. it'll probably take me longer to finish them than it will to collect them though.

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Boxes and boxes of stuff arriving daily! Every time a small box comes in the mail my wife will tell me I have "another present". At this point my one garage is near full. Today I added the T-Shirt order, I believe most of what appears in this photo is Round 2's show booth stuff for NNL East.

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Just got back from Vista, Ca. About a 15 minute trip. I don't remember exactly what happened, but this box was in the trunk when I got home.


Oh, yea-Let the modeling begin!

I'm not sure what is going to be more difficult for me, learning how to use one of those, or coming up with the money to buy one.

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I'm not sure what is going to be more difficult for me, learning how to use one of those, or coming up with the money to buy one.

Don't know if it is going to help yet, but I have been doing a lot of reading and talking to machinists. I also was told years ago to buy a lathe first(notice the back ground) to learn how metal works. As to the money, well I just don't get any new kits for a year or so which is not going to cause me to miss much. I have about two lifetimes of plastic so far.

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  • ranma changed the title to Bought two totes with model's in them at the US 127 Garage sales:: here's what was inside of them...

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