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Soldering Question

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I am going to be making exposed hinges out of brass using Jairus Watson's method found here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/door-hinges/

It requires soldering the brass and I was wondering, which is better, a soldering iron or a soldering torch? More brass work could be in the future of my model building so that might effect which is the better tool.



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I just saw that how to in the same issue the other day and am going to try making a set for a a couple of cars which are in the gathering parts and planning stages. You could really use either method. Just be careful if you use a torch that you don't get the hinge over heated, I wouldn't use anything more than a small pencil torch. That said, how well can you solder? First time? If so go with a soldering iron. Those hinges are pretty thin and small they will heat up quickly, can't remember if Jairus' instructions were to leave the hinge pin in or out when you solder it. Pin could get stuck in the hinge if it is soldered with it in the hinge, it would be a simple clean up with a small drill bit.

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In regards to the illustrations.One of the most difficult parts is to get the slight bend at the hinge,so that you are able to overlap them like the 1-1, as shown in the second picture while mounted in the vise.During that process the brass usually cracks while attempting to move it over, even after it has been Annealed. http://www.modelcars...om/door-hinges/

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