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'57 Chrysler Cannonball Rally


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This was built to the Cannonball Rally Community Build. I started from AMT kit which was really great quality, the plan was make a simple and clean Race Car with just simple racing numbers and nothing special in the engine or interior, a bit like those Old Stock Cars were.

Engine is pretty much out of the box, except added details and those Aftermarket Air Cleaners. It went together very well, no any kinds of problems. I tried to paint it pretty much Factory Colors so the engine builders haven't made their own color decisions. Interior is very good quality straight from the box, so I added only a Tachometer there. Of course the Cable or whatever it is called (It's Mechanical!) is added. Interior is painted with Humbroll Radome Tan, dashboard is black and white with silver details, and I used some BMF for the Door Panels.

Chassis simulates the Red Oxide primer and white overspray, except for brake lines, it's box stock. Body is painted with spray can and clearcoated & Polished. It turned out quite good.

Nothing special in the Final Assembly, it went together pretty nicely, even if some people has complained about the fit issues. Only problem was the Passenger's side taillight bezel, but otherwise I found no problems. Once the body was on the chassis, I detailed the engine bay a bit more with Battery Cables and other important wiring and plumbing. Water hoses are rubber too, and I wired those Horns also.

I won't bore you to death (If I didn't do it already) with my bad English, so onto the pictures!






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Niko... there's nothing at all boring about your English... or your model. Your English is better than some Americans here.

It's better than most Americans ! And your '57 Chrysler looks awesome , just like a Cannonballer ! Nice job .

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Wow Thanx for the Comments everyone :) !!!

I'm very happy about how it turned out, too. It was fun build and I must give credit to AMT of very nicely done Model Kit. Now to finish Pro Stock Cuda and '53 Hudson Hornet. ;)

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Thanks Matthew, Mike and Ron!

Yeah, I wanted to build a car that is easier to drive than Gassers and what had exhaust pipes with mufflers and that kind of stuff, so it would be fun car to race with. But then at the same time, it had to be fast and serious racer. :D Thanx Again.

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