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Dodge Charger

Cool Hand

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Had another D.O.H kit in my stash and decided to do another quick curbside build for fun.

The body.

H.O.K black

Stripes are H.O.K euro red,which were over-coated with intercoat clear with some pearl ex #654 mixed in.

Clear coat H.O.K UC-35


TS-49 bright red, over-coated with Alclad klear koat flat ACL-314.


Pegasus Hela's 19/23 combo.










The name on the number plates is Dr Cranky's idea.

Thanks for helping and coming up with the name Doc.

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Luke, that is the best looking Dukes Charger I've ever seen, great work! I love the graphics, and the slammed stance is just right, give yourself a pat on the back! You turned a Sow's Ear into the proverbial Silk Purse!

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Turning a kit like that into something this great takes some insane skills, which you have mate.

Just beautiful, great to see another Mopar off your bench too, hopefully we will see some more :D

Can't wait for the water shots :D

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