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Less than 10 days to the End of the World....

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This just in from the Philippines,its now 3a.m. 12/21/2012 and my girfriend said her home land is still there...HMmmmmmmmmmmmm the Mayan's must have used U.S. time............

Hey, there's still a whole day left there. Personally, I'd go with Mayan time (Central Standard Time) - lots of time left.

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It is supposed to happen at 11:11 utc but it didn't state am or pm. I didn't know the mayans had utc time. I figure if i wake up the 22nd it will be all good.

OK then, I have about 3 hours to go until 11:11 utc. Forget it, I'm not staying up for 3 more hours !!

I'm going to bed. goodnight....................




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