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Pictures of your kit collections (waiting to be built)

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Just curious as to how large and ridiculous some people's stashes of kits are. I'm sure my collection is rather small compared to most of you...I wish I had the money to buy more! Here's mine (there are a few other kits behind the ones in the front, and the Xbox 360 box is my parts box)


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The closet is a deep one...4 kits deep.


afew boxes stacked up to the ceiling


might as well show the other side of the room while i'm at it, got that paint stand and about $1000 worth of paint, cans and bottled as well as 30 bottles of glue, 20 white / grey cans of primer and a few dozen jars of textured diorama paint. They decided a year before to get out of the model side of the hobby business, so i had been going in and buying cans of Tamiya paint, primer and clear at $5 each. Walked in one day and she asked me if I wanted to take it away! All I had to do way buy the 3 cans i went in there for at full price.


These kits barely scratch the surface. I have dozens of boxes in my store room.

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i used to own a model store, heres what i have to go through, iam starting to put shelves up now for i can see whats in the boxes, thats y i stopped trading for awhile, i was trading for stuff i already have. My dream is to build everyone of these. These are boxes i need to go through.


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I can't show pictures of my stash but I have 2 1964 JoHan flat box unopened 64 Plymouth Fury convertibles....2 JoHan flat box 66 Chrysler 300 2 dr hts....1965 JoHan flat box 65 Marlin hardtop and a few other flat boxes un built....MPC Dodge Warlock sealed in a large box.

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I have 113 unbuilt kits. Not that many.

A few years ago I decided to only buy a kit if I need it to build my current project. I decided to let other people store kits for me.

Any kit I need is always for sale somewhere.

I use most of the 113 kits for spare parts.





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gray07 You definately have a shelving problem, The sag in the top one gave it away.

As for others, i will post a photo of the ones i've uncovered so far. There is several boxes of others on the back burner..


Might as well show you the rest of the cave..




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After I got back into the hobby in the early 80s, kits were still cheap and I started buying them two of each kit. This is my model storage clost it s 14' X 6", what you dont see is that most of these boxes contain two of the same kit. In an effort to make more space I open and repack the box with two kits. theres over 700 kits here.




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This is just the unbuilt Johan stack . ( thats the only picture I have of the unbuilt stuff ) I have maybe another dozen or so unbuilt Johan mixed Pinto/Mustang/Challenger funnycar kits in unmarked boxes.

All told just the shelves area has approx 10 - 11 kits wide, 3 kits deep 8 or so kits tall, multiplied by 3 shelves in my stash . Including, Johan, AMT, MPC and Revell, with just a splash of Monogram kits for good measure . Then there are maybe another 2 or 3 dozen builtups. Most of them are Old Johan / MPC annuals +/or drag car kits.

My storage spot is 8 ft high, 4 ft wide and 3 kits deep in most places


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you guys are way too organized!! THIS is a model room!!! its really in transition, a makeover if you will. in the first picture, behind the "paint booth" (can anyone figure out what it actually is?) are 10 or so computer boxes with kits in them. over the last 5 to 10 years, i have sold off half my stash. just knew i wouldn't build them all.

i guess my real passion is magazines, all the grainger boxes in the last photo have approx, 100 magaziines iin each and there is around 70 or so boxes. misc stacks here and there. would like to hit 10,000 of them, have about a grand to go......






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Dunno...just thought it would be fun to see what people have in their arsenal.

Don't defend yourself.

It's a logical enough question and if you regard a forum as a social meeting place to discuss model it's bang on.

It's a similar question to sjow us your work aera.

here's some on my inventory..some I might add.











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