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thinning paint in a gravity Talon airbrush cup

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i got me one of those Talon air brushes because my Iwata eclipse is spitting and spatting. i think there is something wrong with the air valve.

i used to mix/thin paint by putting my finger over the end of the needle and the back pressure would send the air back through the cup thus mixing the thinner and paint.


the new talon has a tip that has notches on the tip that wont allow this technique. :(


so i came up with sticking one of those paint transfer bobber things from testors over the needle and i get the same effect


i just hope santa gets me another eclipse airbrush for christmas i am dissapointed in the talon. but hey you might like it

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Posted (edited)

I have both of those airbrushes and I love them both. The Iawata problem may be the packking seal that the needle passes through is worn. Take the airbrush apart completely especially the head assembly and the trigger barrel spring etc. Pass the needle through the airbrush you should feel something grabbing the needle. It can be tightened by turning the packing nut(standard blade screw driver fit) behind it, turn it clockwise to tighten it. Do not tighten it to much. Lube the needle and clean everything and re-assemble and it should work. I just use a mixing stick to mix paint in the cup. I like the bigger cup on the Talon because I can spray paint from a can right into it. See the diagram below 14B is the packing nut and 14A is the seal.


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