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New member fom Wyoming

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Just wanted to say a quick "hi". Been looking around the board and seeing some great stuff. Hope to be able to post from time to time. My building time is limited and so am sporatic. Usually all my stuff is 1/25 but am going to try my hand at a 1/12 and 1/8 kit in the coming year. My brother-in-law gave me a n unbuilt 1/8 1977 Trans Am, and after that I found a 82 and 85 Corvette, so all of a sudden I am into big scale. lol

Right now I'm trying to catch up on some stalled builds before jumping into a new one. See ya on the boards !! :D


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome !!

Chuck, are you up by Billings?

Eric, have not found anything more than a Hobby Lobby...

Andy, you and just about everybody. lol

Colder ? the last few days we have had minus lows with highs in the teens. Makes the basement a wee bit chilly for building. lol

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Nope. I'm south of Miles City..........100 miles north of Gillette.

middle of nowhere.

I thought I was in the middle of nowhere, but you got me beat. :D So any old cars or pu's laying around up there? ;)

Thanks Thomas !

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Hey...one can only ask. Anyway, which one of the 1/8th scale T/A's is it...the '79 T/A or the '80 Turbo T/A? Just curious...you didn't show it in the "What Did You Get Today" thread.

I dont have it in my sweaty hands yet to take a pic. He just dug it out of the closet and now I need to go and get it. I am pretty sure Its the '79. He had a 1:1 Bandit edition at the time and wanted to build a replica but never got a round tuit, so now I get to build it. :D

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