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"Posted 15 August 2014 - 04:50 PM

Thanks guys.
I guess it is hard to see in the photos, but the spare is secured to the floor of the trunk. (I too learned that lesson in my Z/28) There is even a metal reinforcement plate on the outside of the bottom of the trunk floor for the threaded rod to anchor to."

Brilliant! I'm glad I asked, even more impressed now!


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Once I had the wheels and body panels on, specifically the nose, I measured for the chin spoiler and started making it. I put a layer of tape on the nose where the spoiler will mount and then I CA cemented the sheet styrene spoiler onto that. I also cemented the center brace, (still needs to be shaped in these two shots).



I added the mounting flanges and drilled them for the hardware then removed the assembly.


Cleaned it up and painted it… Top:




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I didn’t like the way the hood fit after I bolted the side panels on and fine-tuned the fit of the nose and cowl so I soldered a little more brass to the trailing edge.




Primed and sanded it out. Now it fits much more uniformly. I also made the front hood latches from brass and styrene.




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This will be the grille (brass). To speed up the chemical cutting process I milled a hole in the center of each hexagon. The black is the vinyl resist.


It was close to being fully etched at this point and if I left in the acid too much longer it would burn more away in some areas than I wanted. So it decided to hand file finish it.


Several hours later with a small square file


Ready for primer, and more filing to fine tune

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Thank you. That was my fifth try over the last six weeks, I had to fine tune the chemicals, and the overall process as well, to get a more delicate part than I previously had etched. I didn't keep track of the exact amount of time, but it took about two hours to prep each piece of brass before dunking it, and a few days to cut with the acid. I know there's over five hours hand filing on this one, so far. And my fingertips are still recovering from the filing...

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