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Your fabrication skills and eye for detail are very impressive no matter what scale it might be. I especially like and appreciate your machining abilities. The quality really shows. Enjoying your posts as you near completion.


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Just a point that it is getting some meat on it. It is certainly heavier than most kits I've built.

If effort and skill were added in, it would weigh a lot more! B)

Very impressive work, to say the least. I have never seen better scratchbuilding.

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Thanks Harry.

I went back and cut the DC logo into the muffler.


Not all that visible under the heat shield, but it is there. It’s a little easier to see in person.


Was it worth the time and effort to add it? Beats me, but I wanted to see what it would look like.

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Thanks guys. It was worth it just for the entertainment.

I finished the tie rod ends w/adjusters. Mostly brass with some aluminum. Purposely some wear to them as they tend to get some tool marks from being adjusted. I also got the upper control arm bushings and keepers made and installed.


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The side body panels are on for the final time. I’ll install the panel below the header after I finish bolting them all the way on.



The rear body work is coming along as well, but other details need to be made and installed inside of it before final installation to the frame.



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