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'62 Impala Super Stocker. -Finished-


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Since the Senior-Lindström posted his '57 Chevy, I decided to show what I'm working currently in a side of that Torino, Chi Town Hustler and so many more other projects.... This is a Revell '62 Impala (Special Edition kit, non Bubbletop version) which I got as a Christmas Present. It's really great quality kit, lots of parts inside and once you open the box, it's very possible that you can't get the parts inside the box again. :D

My plan for this kit is to build '60s style Super Stocker. There are nice decals and other DragRace parts inside the box. Well actually even if there were parts for original Impala only, I would have built it as a Super Stocker anyway.



I started by sanding the rear tires, here the other one is sanded, other is still to be sanded.


Then I started building the engine, Block, Heads and Oil Pan are painted orange, Intake Manifold is aluminium etc. The basic 409 colors! The kit had nice decals for the engine, two for each Valve Covers, two for the Generator, one for the Oil Filler tube and one for the belt. I installed them, and made plug wires too. Started detailing the carburetors, but the linkage is still in progress in these pics, and I need to do a lot more detailing to the carbs before I call them done.



Edit: The last picture didn't show... Now it's fixed again.

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I did some heat staining for the Headers, here you can see it bit better:


I also finished the tires and wheels for this one. I wanted to use those WhiteWall Decals that came with the kit, I was afraid of using them in the beginning since I remembered how I tried to apply them to my '64 Impala Custom many years ago... And Wow, they were very tricky, but once I got the hang on of it, the last three decals went easier. Wheels are painted Gloss Red and I installed those Dog Dish Hubcaps for the front. I'm thinking of installing valves to those wheels too, but I'm not sure of it yet. Somehow it would be interesting to try, well let's see...


The interior needed full carpet because removing the backseat, so I covered the sheetmetal area with paper, today I'm planning to paint the whole floor pan and put some Flocking on it.


More to come, Stay Tuned!

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Thanks Fellas!

I've been bit sick and had no power to do anything big, I've been eating chocolate and playing Street Challenge :lol: (BTW an excellent Drag Race game, and Free. Today I drove new personal best for my NitroFish Pro Stocker: 6,7573, Pro Mod runs high 5's too.)

Anyway I got the carburetor linkage done and installed fuel lines from carburetors to Fuel Pump. Also sanded the body a bit, there were only minor mold lines and painted it with primer. However I didn't have Maston's grey primer I like to use, so I had to paint it with Maston's Red primer. Same time I painted the interior floor with primer, too.






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Thanks Guys for the kind words!

I was going to spray some primer over the chassis, but I had to remove the textes from it. Now there's some putty-work to do, since I've noticed that even if you sand them smooth, they can be still seen under the paint. So, I'm going to fix the problem with little amount of putty today, and hopefully tomorrow I can go to paint booth with that part again. But if everything goes well, I will paint the body today with white.

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Thanks Bill and Brad! And yeah, once I get 409 on the bench I have to try to do it a justice. :lol:

I got the body painted today. It's Maston's Gloss white, paint turned out quite good, it's hard to photograph though. It is more shiny in person. I will try to get decals on in couple of days once the paint has dried.




I'd like to wish Happy New Year To All Of You Modelers! B)

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Thanks Tony and Sam!

And the main problem is that my fingers are in trouble sometimes when I'm doing this. They just seem to be too big and it takes many tries, but usually the end result is Okay. And if not, I try again. :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back from page three. I had no time to build for the past week, but now it seems I can get something done again. I added some thinned gold paint for the carburetors, to make them look more like metal parts. Then I painted the chassis with flat black, and after that I painted the frame Gloss Black.

Trying to get it on four wheels soon.




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Thanx Kerry and Matti :D !

Here's some more... I painted all of the chassis parts yesterday, and today I installed the Front and Rear Suspension pieces to chassis. I had huge problems with connecting to rear tires to the chassis... But somehow I got them on place. Also flocked the interior floor.






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