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a change of pace for me

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Ok, this is what I got started with when I returned to car modeling. When I got back into modeling cars, after an extended vacation in HO train land, I was into race cars. First up is a Chaparral 2. This started life as one of the worst kits I that I ever purchased. I believe it was an LS Models from Japan. I think it was the anti-Tamiya company. I had to redo just about every panel on the car to at least get it close to the actual car. I made the louvers from bits of stock, formed the top windshield in front of the driver. I made the engine from R & D Unique engine castings. The transmission was scratch built. Actually, come to think of it, the wheels in the kit were pretty good, oh yeah, they were supplied by "Modelers", so that explains that. The second car here is a Ferrari 512m that was very heavily modified to represent the Penske version. Fred Cady decals and a stolen engine from a Union Models Ferrari added the power. The next car is a Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport that I converted to a roadster after seeing a story on that car in Road and Track a number of years ago. Hand formed roll bar and the headrest started life as a Bic pen top. I learned a very important lesson on this car as I used "regular" putty to fill in the rear deck. I had it perfect, applied a beautiful blue paint job, topped with candy blue and clear coat, decals applied and then a few weeks later, the putty shrank and I was left with a nice trough forever. Now, my best friend is Bondo, and Tamiya putty is only used for very small finishing jobs. Next up is the Ford GT roadster that Miles/Ruby drove to victory at Sebring in 1966. I custom formed the windshield and rebuilt the rear spoiler. Last up is the 1991 Jordan 191 as it appeared at it's debut for the press. I always liked the way it looked in all carbon fiber with the gold Jordan name logos. I completely covered the car in carbon fiber decals. Ok thats it, thought it might be a little different to look at a few racing cars. Thanks for indulging me.











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