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Bugatti Royale Berline de Voyage #41150 1931 in 1:75 scale

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The car is built not for sale but for the Family Bugatti. The style of car is Ettores prefered traditional coach-style with yelow black combination.

Typical to the Royale cars that the daughter of Ettore was able to drive the car without any greater phisycal effort. The Berline de Voyage was an ever second car: the second that survived the WWII, the second Royale owned by Briggs Cunnings and arrived the second highest price of Royales on an auction 6.5 million USD

I built the model with opened driver compartment too to show the details that ones remain rather hidden behind the closed windows. As I have no pictures with opened soft top I didn`t want to make an eventually total mistaken arrangement of the back part of body. (is there a frame for the doors, fastened or removable, is the window between driver and passanger compartment removable with its frame etc. are open questions)












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WOW. Excellent build ~ ~ especially in such a tiny scale!

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Yeah, that's really nice, must have been a great feeling to own a real one like that, just pure class all the way.

You did a fantastic job building it !!

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