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Adirondack Nationals 2001 9/8-9/10 2001 Car Show

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The Adirondack Nationals, held annual in Lake George in September, is my absolute favorite car show. It's in my favorite place in the world, Lake George NY, and is just too much fun to put into words!! These shots were taken on actual film (!) and scanned in. I know I have more to do, but these have been done already, so I shall post them. There are only 11 so far, but more to come. On an interesting side note, it was about 100 degrees out that day, very sunny and humid. One of the worst conditions I've actually done anything in, like walking up to town...And I had to wear my black ModelCarList shirt that day...(I know this as I have a picture of me and dad standing next to a 70 El Camino)

So here is the link:


I could see building this El Camino is scale!


The artwork on this Willys was awesome. My dad had one of these when he met my mom.


A shot looking south on Route 9. (the main road both there and here in Wappingers Falls)


This show is kind of special to me. It was the last car show I ever went to with my dad, who died just 5 months later in Feb 02.

We also came home on September 10th, 2001. I really don't think there's anyone who doesn't know what happened the day after. Living just an hour or two north of the City, depending on traffic, that was truly the last "normal" day for us for quite a while, and the reverberations are still felt today.

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