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Adirondack Nationals 2003, September in Lake George NY

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This is the 2003 show. Like I said, I love this show and the location. This is the first ever event for the digital camera. Our old camera was purchased in 1991, but when we were taking some pictures of our Aerostar on the lot where we disposed of it, I dropped it and killed it. (The camera!) So, we stopped at Best Buy in Saratoga NY and bought a new, digitial camera. We got it on the very first day of our vacation, and the Adirondack Nationals was the very first event for it. (Right after this, we took it to Cape Cod, which was also the first outing for our new car, the 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee!)

Some of my shots are a little blurry, and out of focus, poorly angled, etc. It was a totally new experience for me, and I didn't use the old camera hardly at all anyway.

Here is the album, containing 79 pictures:



This car stays at the same place we do, year after year. I think I've photographed it every single year, too. It's my own little tradition, LOL.


I love this style of car. I don't know what it is, and the paint job could be better (not a big fan of brown!) but the body lines are great.


You can hear this thing from a mile away...I think, literally! And yes, they do drive it on the streets...


I wonder if you could build this with the RMR kit and a 48 Ford Revell kit? This is the only street rod I've ever been in.

They let you sit in it and take a picture for $5. There is almost no room in it. I'm 5-8 and it's too small for me.



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