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lets see some motor

Car Man

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My 1/12 scratch-built BAE style Hemi, awaiting more work and a car to run it in. :lol:

All accept the blower (modified Revell unit), pulleys and assorted nuts and bolts was scratch-built using a 1/24 Revell T/Fuel motor as a starting guide.



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There was discussion of Phil Castronovo Custom Body decals on page 2 of this discussion. I finished them, then Chuck Boerner took my graphics and improved them. He is selling a 1/25 version of the decal on eBay, and you can see it and his other decals on his Photobucket page. I am having trouble pasting here, but if you google stang1forever photobucket you will find his page. Chris

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I think I posted a picture of this engine when it was in progress, but here's a couple of finished shots. '62 Impala Super Stock's 409.



And this is the Hemi of a '71 Barracuda Pro Stock.



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First I've seen this thread. There are some very well built and detailed engines in here. Here are a few favorites of mine.

RAIL4-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

Built this one 16yrs ago. All scratch built, no aftermarket parts.

RAIL5-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

IMGP0759-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

slant6-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

Built 12 years ago. Scat Pac intake and header scratch built.

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W409, those carbs are works of art! Whoops it posted twice, but those are nice carbs!

Thanks Chris! Usually carburetors are really unrealistic straight from the box, so I thought I should try to make them a bit realistic by adding a couple of details and painting them. The carbs on that Impala are detailed without any Photo Etch parts and on the Hemi I used PE parts... It sure makes a difference. Those fuel line fittings are scratchbuilt and they are far from perfect, though.

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Hi, This is my first post on the Forum...I took up the hobby after a 40 year layoff about 3 years ago. This engine is Ford 351W with Arias Hemi heads...twin turbo...lenco..mostly made of solder, aluminum, real titanium, plastic block and heads (all scratch) & a few aftermarket aluminum pieces. About 12 months building it off and on. I can provide more detail on the engine if you're interested. It's 1/25th scale btw.


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