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66 Chevy SS

Christopher J

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a few udates on the build so far......

The resin calipers I purchase are sanded painted and fitted.th_ModelCarBuilds001_zps8ecc648c.jpgth_ModelCarBuilds011_zps373e3b6f.jpgth_ModelCarBuilds012_zps1911a64f.jpg

The front suspentions, tough stationary unlike the rear is now fitted with springs and hydraulic cyclinders.


Had to modify the tranny support for the RGE tranny to clear it and motor sit level


But it's in there now...


Open to suggestions and any mistakes I've made that can be pointed out before its sitting on the judges table next month.......

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when i first saw this, and wasnt liking the red and yellow interior, but after i saw it with the body on there, and then the decals........WOW!!! very cool build man. the ross gibson 350 was a great choice too.

keep it goin, im really liking this one too!



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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been working on a few details while waiting for my black bare metal foil (STILL!!) I finally got the trunk lid interior with the amps glued in as well as the interior of the doors. Here are a few mock up pics of the car and car with the trailer I'm working on for it. I'm sure some will notice the injector marks in the trailer walls...since the trailer is a quickie build I didn't spend too much time on interior prep as the car will draw the attention and the trailer is just a prop for the display for next months show.








Lots of wires to trim and get glued into place....



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