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Ferrari 250 GTO


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Well my sublime 599 is coming to a finish so i got this one out the stack and here she goes








No fancy colors this time. Ferrari red will top this baby

Im also thinking of a out of the box build to enter into shows in that cat.

Anybody know of any pit falls on this kit? I heard that the doors have a loose fit but the rims make up for it

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Well, I'll certainly be watching this one, as well. I've wanted to see how this Revell kit builds (I think it's back again this year, IIRC). I'm not sure whether it's originally Protar or Italeri plastic, but I've built kits of the same vintage from both, and they're not bad at all. Personally, I think Rosso Corsa is the best choice for a GTO, thought the Swedish blue and yellow car and the David Piper pale green are nice alternatives. Have fun!

Of, course, you realise that you'll have to do a 288GTO after this to complete the set...? ;-P



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Well the kit velocity stacks are horrible. They looked hacked all up. Well they are tiny and hard to remove from the tree. This was post a be a OOB build but........,. I could not stand the look of the stacks. So i ordered this. E52907A3-1711-4C80-9AAC-014EA20A1C05-835

Some other work.


Various sink marks/ejector pins ans so forth needed removal.


Now that i spent more than i should have on the

PE set, i have to go back and fix a few minor issues i was gone let slide. Im ready for a coat of white dupacolor primer

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Interesting how Revell got the number of hood vent openings correct on this model, but blew it by adding a third vent on their 1/12 scale diecast (both race and street versions). Obviously, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.

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I got the wheels finished. The pe front and rear wheels are the same thickness. The kit wheels are fatter on the rear and thin on the front. So the KA set gets a B plus

The kit tires get a F and will not get to be apart of my build. :(

Man it is cool getting to play model god. (Lower case g as not to put me on the same plane as the real God)



Anybody think i should polish the rims to make them shine like chrome or keep the aluminum look

And i still need to add the center caps.

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