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OFF TOPIC JOKE/tough guy

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a realy tough looking dude walks into a bar. long hair tats piercings about 6'8" tall and mean as they come. the bartender asks.can i get you something
tough guy say i'l get it myself. with that he walks over to a guy sitting at a table all by himself with a drink in front of him. the tough guy picks up the drink and downs it slamming the glass on the table looks at the guy and says thanks for the drink. the guy looks at the tough guy and says
first i get up late
then my car runs out of gas
then i miss an important meeting and my boss fires me
when i get home i catch my wife in bed with the gardener
now i am sitting here trying to get the courage to end it all

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Ever have one of those days, when nothing go's right!

Alllllllll the time friend, alllllllll the time! <_<

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