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First Posted Project ~ Enzo ~


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I spent many hours building model cars in my youth, but after joining the Navy, fell away from the hobby. In the past year I have had little sparks of interest spring up, some of it being inspired by some incredible art work of my friend Darin.


His talent is pretty amazing, (this coming from a pretty talented stick figure artist!) but his love for drawing has helped inspire me to go back to what I love...building cars. So it only seemed fitting that my first project getting back into the hobby be dedicated to Darin...a great lover of Ferrari's...soooooo


Here is the project. I am expecting this to take a while. 3 daughters and a crazy job...I am sure many can relate. but I have pulled out all the old tools, set up the bench, and started the mock-ups. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN, catch me up on the new tricks of the hobby, and point out things like the pointy end of the Ferrari emblem goes down!!!




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Thanks Rob. It seems to be a pretty nice kit so far. I have not built an Italian car yet, and I am feeling a little nervous on the detail end, since my buddy is such a fan of those machines. Guess that's what research is for!! I tell you, if there was Internet around during my building hay days...man. Makes me want to go buy all those old kits again and start all over!!!

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So...as I said, it has been awhile. in fact, it has been long enough that while spraying the Italian Red on the valve covers, my old air brush line sprung a leak, causing paint to splatter. Looking for the EZ Off now!!! UGH

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