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Custom '37 Ford Street Rod


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Hey- I'm just now getting back to building model cars after about ten years. I thought someone might get a kick out of this story:

Around 2002 I stopped at a yard sale and picked up this Revell '37 Ford Street Rod kit for 25 cents (I still have the round sticker that they wrote the price on). I think this kit was from 1987 or 88.

It was so warped that you couldn't even sit the body over top of the chasis. I fixed it by placing the body in some very warm water, then placing the interior tub in, then placing it in cold water. That kinda "set" it to where it needed to be.

It was sort of fun fixing that warp issue so I started imagining what a teenager in the 50's would have done to this car had it been an actual 1:1 car. To create this hot rod jalopy I scored the running boards with an exacto and removed them along with the front fenders. The radiator sat on a small piece of plastic attached to the front fenders so I trimmed that off and glued it in place. Then I cut the hood to fit over the radiator / grill.

I gave the body a coat of red, the interior was painted suede and the engine blue (seemed like a good idea at the time).

I'm a big fan of deuce coupes in any form, but the idea of other cars of that era being rodded is pretty interesting as well. When I was still going to shows, this model got some interesting looks and a few "hell yeah's"

Looking at this 10 years later I realized that I needed to add the windshield wipers and paint the inside of the radiator.



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