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Would you?!?!

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C'mon guys........look at it from the other side of the fence, how many do they actually need to sell to show a substantial profit?

I'm sure there are a couple of "more money than sense" folks out there willing to toss out the coins for a soon to be collectible.......right? You see them on evil bay every day!

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Doesnt surprise me im sure that person gets off on kicking kids in wheelchairs.

Really? I'll have to forgive you. Apparently you like to act your show size versus your age.

Yes the Meme topic got deleted. Reason being is because some where taking the definition of "Meme's" too far and was basically calling out others as stupid. People can't act like adults, no need to have topics for adults.

So I figured this article would have a common interest for the community.

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I just can't get over the fact that people would pay that much for a bling bottle car wax. You know people have bought it, otherwise there would have never hit the market.

Most likely some high end detailer someplace in the middle east I would assume.

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Okay, so you call up, apply to qualify to purchase this wax (you can be refused!) and the company CEO personally delivers it to you? I can see how the people who have more money than most would do this just so they could one-up their chums..."Say, Charles...pass the grey poupon...how much was your wax? Mine was...." Gotta laugh at the fact that there will be more than one person that actually makes this purchase and brags to the fellas...But personally...I'm too cheap to spend that kind of money!! It would be interesting if they disclosed how many were sold, just for curiosity sake!

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