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Wiring led lights in 1/24 1/25 scale car

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I've recently got back into model building and I'm very curious how I would go about wiring led lights for headlights, tail lights and possibly an interior light . I've searched the web but can't find anything for 1/24 scale. I was thinking of using AAA batteries or maybe watch batteries if they're powerful enough and hiding them in the trunk.

I also need a website or two that sells everything I would need as I do not have a hobby shop near by.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated !! :)

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Ace! That website is perfect !! Thank you! A diagram would be great!! What size led would you recommend using?

I usually use the 5mm for headlights because I got a bunch of them cheap for a 1:1 project. Normal car seal-beam headlights came in 7" and about 5.5" round, so the 5mm, approximately 5 scale inches in 1/25, work well. The 3mm work well for projector-style headlights, and the 1.8mm can look like a bulb back behind a lens. It really just depends on the look you want. They make almost no heat, so you can usually wrap them in aluminum foil to prevent stray light in taillight installations, etc.

As far a wiring goes, you should be able to run enough LEDs for the non-flashing lights in a car from one coin-holder-switch. Connections are simple...connect all the red wires together and all the black wires together, insulate the connections and you're done.

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I found a guy that sell fiber optic an lumanators  that the fiber goes in, I got 50 foot of fiber, 3 luminators,  2 7030 small watch batteries, holder n like 3 or 4 little on/off switchs, nice set up, I'm putting light in a 60 impala, I'll post up when done

Did yours work..

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You can also check out you tube for led how to's, As there are several of them out there. ebay is where I get most of my LED supplies ,3mm 5mm led's watch battery's and battery holder switches and of course a bread board to help you plan you wiring layout

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