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a little update on the b&c cars

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just showing where i am to date on the Bonnie & Clyde cars. i have placed the Franklin mint Dillinger car that i used to do the models in the backround.the two white parts cars are resin 25th scale body's of a 34 ford four door that i cut up with some shaping and filling they come to scale. you can see on the gray primed car how much cutting had to be done in order to make the car the right length. the rear doors and port windows had to be moved further back. the original car was cordoba grey i mixed some paint and made it a little on the thin side as i brush painted the car and being thin it flowed easier.then clear coated it.the car will have some shine to it with it being a little dirty from driving on dirt roads as it was only a few months old when they got ambushed.i made the figures but i may do some changes to those later.still far from done.






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Interesting build, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

What is your source for the figures?

David G.

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