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Revell (Accurate Miniatures) Corvette Grand Sport with photo etch and resin

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I have not built this or started it yet, but I wanted to show you guys. I am waiting until my skills improve to do this one because I have big plans for it.

The kit. As far as I know, Revell has repackaged the AM Grand Sport kit. It includes a little photo etch, but not enough for me.

Here's the new kit




This is what you get in the kit: WARNING: Beware of Ebay sellers selling this kit for below list price, they do NOT give you the PE parts. Only buy sealed kits that specifically say "with phot etch" or buy from your LHS


This is the insane Model Car Garage kit. It includes a resin tranny that has the molded in linkage removed, and a resin cooler. There are PE chassis brackets as well.



I got me some purty Weber stacks and some joints I was hoping to use as fuel connectors but they may be too big.


My other pictures aren't loading right now, so when I get it figured out I'll post the rest of the pics.

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Posted (edited)

here we go

Molded in kit cooler


New resin cooler. Not sure if I want to get this funky or not


Model Car Garage gauges (included with kit)


Feast your eyes. All chassis brackets, Alt. fan, gauge bezel, emblems, linkage and what appears to be the most delicate PE piece ever made at the top


Nice instructions




This is the only bummer. I don't know what will be more work, shaving the stock tranny of the molded in linkage, or cleaning up the resin tranny to be presentable. I know they went through a lot of work to make this available, but it's not that great. Everything else appears to be flawless.


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I am actually using all of these parts along with my HRM Grand Sport Roadster resin trans kit.

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Got this kit as a "inventory adjust" for $11.00 from Tower.....I didn't wan't it but for that price CHA CHING !! Great PE, and the motor is worth $11.00 alone.

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HRM (Historic Racing Miniatures) also makes some resin parts for this car. They have more detailed upper control arms and a header assembly that alleviate some of the fitting issues and of course, are cast very well. VRM (Vintage Racing Miniatures) has a wonderful pair of decal sheets for these cars as well. The good part about them is they each can do 5 cars!

I have this same kit and most of the same parts as well on my bench cycle. I chose to use the clear dash from the kit rather than the photo-etched one. I wanted the dash to be more 3-D and the photoetch just didn't look right. I drilled out the guages and then sanded the back of the plate to thin it to scale. The guage faces provided on the VRM decals are so detailed, you can read the odometer and look great behind the thinned kit panel. I also chose to use the transmission from MCG that included the shift linkage and photo-etched shifter. It seemed to be better molded than the one in their GS mulit-media kit. I also got a halibrand and tire from HRM to replace that fugly spare molded with the rear frame parts so it looks much better.

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