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Let's see if my picture posting works----dads2013.jpg

looks like we are ok.

This started as the Autocar dumptruck,(extended frame,third axle,front wheels posable, scratchbuilt winch,tower,tool boxes,drivers door opens)AMT lowboy(narrowed nose,wooden deck) Cat ( scratchbuilt rops,a little weathering)

This was completed in late 80's,so were probably original issue kits.

enjoy ;-)

Thanks for looking,


(For those squinty-eyed folks, yes, the white tags on the Alaskan Hauler,A-64-B, and Challenge mixer kits do say $10.00)

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I don't think this ever made the magazines, although it did make the rounds to several contests--------

Of course,several people have had similar combinations over the years.

Those 10.00 kits have a sad story attached to them. I bought them at a show in the early 90s from a guy that had lost his eyesight in an industrial accident.

Jim A.

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Don't know how well his vision is carrying on---------

They were engine and chassis started whenI got them and other than soaking the a-64 chassis in Superclean they haven't been touched.

As tis oft said" He couldda done that!"

The A-64 is destined for a DD12v71 and a Phil Jensen style Holmes wrecker.

The Kenworth/Challenger Mixer is another story-- I'm a little more intimidated by the rarity of the kit.

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