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1970 Ford Country Squire


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This project is going on years to finish. Soon as I get the funds or use someone elses air brush set to paint the hand made roof rack with Alcald, she can continue being built.

The 1970 Ford LTD Country Squire is being built to mirror my 1977 Country Squire I had and restored in college between 2005 to 2008. After all the hard work of bringing back the '77 alive, she met her fate in a strange accident the same day I graduated from college in the spring of 2008.



My '77 that I restored in college.





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Thank you everyone for the comments.

Ron: Yes that is a Modelhaus kit. I have a few kits from the Modelhaus, love them all and HIGHLY recommend them and Missing Link. Top quality and some really great subjects.

As for the accident. This poor wagon, the world seemed to hate it. I had some kids bash out my front windshield (drunk kids) a month after I got it road worthy and then hit a dear a month later. The ol gal NEVER gave me a problem. So I had my Mustang and my LTD down at college with me at the same time. Try explaining to people your not rich but was a Volvo tech for a few years before going back to college and working on this is like working on a lawnmower to me.

So my best friend comes down the night before I graduated from Western IL U down in Macomb, IL. He took his truck, rented the trailer and came down to help me out. Loaded up the wagon and the trailer did not want to "ramp down" but we got it. We went out, had a great night out with freinds and he left early in the morning. I kept hearing this buzzing, it was my phone and so I picked it up to see I missed 13 calls. It was my buddy, he was in the hospital. His truck rolled over. Turned out the trailer brake locked up, sent the F-250, V-10, four door, 8 foot box truck into a skid and rolled.......off went the wagon for the ride of its life. From a distance the wagon looked fine, till you got closer. Cracked frame, cracked trans, had a RCA home unit stereo from the '70s in there, so it distroyed the insides. It was a loss, so was his truck. As for my friend, he had some scratches but walked away. I can replace a car but can't replace him. I almost missed my graduation since I was an hour north at the hospital. Didn't even have time to shower or shave when I walked. I must have looked like a scummy creep when I graduated! LOL.






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Sweet looking model. My folks had a 74 Country Squire wagon. Metallic lime green, that thing was just a boat to drive. But it was the best car to take to the drive-in on Saturday night. :rolleyes: Lot's of good memories of High School with that car.

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I LOVE Wagons! Johnny. My first was a '67 Country Squire. Bought from my Dad. He also owned a '73 (same color as your resto project. a '76 (Gold with a gold and yellow interior, wire wheel covers.... it was also my favorite) and a '79 (with a 351 and dual exhaust). Keep up with the good work!

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