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Ford COE BIG JOB & Trailer ShowCase & Mercury Voyageur SW

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Here is my latest project

I always love the whole "concept car Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser" It was moved on a trailer "Showcase" Trailed by a "Ford BIG JOB" 1956

My idea: copy the whole, modifying and installed in the trailer, the new Mercury Voyageur SW output in 1957 .. I so love the SW!I Started this project in July 2009 ended there in April 2013 for the NNL EAST

I started building Modelhaus resin "stock" that you saw on this forum.


At the same time I built the COE has a lot of work. Mix resin resin between RMR and 56 of Ford Pickup Dodge L700 and largely scratch chassis.

All windows have been installed before painting, I paint the whole car inside the trailer! I'm crazy LOL no other solution. It falait more it is transportable to have it in hand luggage was on the plane!
For the interior, I made a real wood floor. On the sides, I did a show with such a display and vintage advertising.

The trailer builds from the Flatbed Trailer Dodge L700, it was started in 2009, I was not able to finish on time. Mid March when I decided to cut into two and again it was wrong! As there are a lot of explanation, I decided to made ​​the video and some photos of WIP

I used to build this set:

- Mercury SW traveler modelhaus

- Dodge-L700 with flatbed trailer Lindberg
- Ford COE 51/52 resin RMR
- Revell Ford-pickup1956
- Many evergreen,...

Hobby paint color, alclaad, polyurethane varnish ...

some stages of construction





This set has won the Best theme "Resin Rules" to NNL EAST, thank you to Tom Geiger and his team.



full WIP in ma Fotki : http://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/stock/

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Very nice Jean! A well deserved award! I'm not too keen about the whitewalls on the truck. But other than that, I really like it. You're going to have Harry scratching his head on this one! :lol: It's a truck. But, it has a car inside of it!

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