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2003 Ford Focus SVT/Saleen Update: 07/13/14

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That is one crazy ride, I've sen avoue of V8 Focuses in person one like this would reall badass in 1:1.

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Thanx everyone! The compliments are most welcome and are keeping my building frenzy in full steam ahead! LoL

Well, I've started working on the rear surround for the engine. Had to change up on the exhaust yet again but oh well. Nature of the beast.

First up was I was thinking of accentuating just the engine because I was having such a hard time with the exhaust system, then I think I got a better plan this go around.

So, I am going for an open shelf style so you can see everything in the rear. Trying to decide on a dual or single battery set up. Made the rear floor plates to cover the transmission (kinda act like a scatter shield if something goes astray). Plus it'll cut down on the air getting into the rear of the car.

Then I shorted the firewall some since the engine had to be moved back sometime before and I needed some room between the front seat and the steering wheel. LoL

Well more coming soon. Hehe I'm seeing a faint glimmer of light for the body work and it'll be soon time to paint this monster. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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I love these kinds of builds. Out of the box so to speak! Nice fab work.

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