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1969 Camaro Pro Mod.... updates 11/12/13


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Thanks alot fellas.. for the encouragement.... I appreciate it.. well I got the chassis finished up and got some paint and clear coat on it.. I've been also playing around with some different shades of alclad and metalizer paints on the headers trying to get the right shades on them .. they still need some work... thanks for looking and comments welcome...






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Tyrone.... you never let me down with your updates. Love what you are doing to this build. The headers look great.

So your next build is gonna be a 1/16th scale build right? ;) I would love to see what you would do to one of them since you yave these Pro Mods down. Keep up the killer work and I look forward to more.

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Just for one of your builds, I'd love to be watching over your shoulder. I think with the number of these you've built you could probably knock one out in two weeks and still have tons of details and your usual superb craftsmanship.

You are THE pro-mod master.

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Wow... I will say it again guys... I really appreciate the kind words and interest in my projects... It REALLY means alot coming from all the TALENTED builders on this forum.... It's what drives me to make each build better than the last.... I've got a small update.. I got the front struts and springs painted up and on the car.... I also went ahead and added the front rotors and brakes to the front... I also cut one of the resin vaccum pumps from the engine plate of one of the ross gibson engines and added it to mine... and I've added the belts... I think I've also got the rear wheels I figured out too...Thanks for looking and comments welcome...








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Something about this body seems a little odd. I feel like its the roof size compared to the rest of the body.

I think it's the way the body panels extend to hug the ground. Makes it look a bit like a hard top convertible. Quite cool IMO.

It's modeled after the car in this link. It's a ProMod.



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Thanks alot fellas.... A small update... I've started on the plumbing for the engine.. I've got a few more oil lines to go.. I've also been trying to figure out which carbs to use... these are the demon carbs from protech, that I split it half... thanks for looking and comments welcome...








I also got the doors skins made up....


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Beautiful build so far!

I know you probably have tons of detail pics of pro mods already but if you ever need interior or engine bay pics of a blown pro mod let me know. I spent an hour getting detail pics for my corvette I started. I can always send you some.


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Thanks alot fellas... I appreciate the kind words.. I've been making some progress on this one.. mainly on the engine.. almost all of the plumbing is done.. and the carbs are all pinted up and detailed.... here's a few pics.......





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