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Very Sad news for Diecast


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I just received a note from my friend at Yat Ming USA. Yat Ming had a few higher detailed cars but also had many low end cars that were done very well, including my favorite, the 41 Willys in 1/18 scale.

Here is a copy paste of the note:

"Dear Valued Customer,

As the toy industry tries to stay afloat, some factories struggle to remain open. This time it is Yat Ming factory who will have to part ways and close its doors.

Effective July 2013, Yat Ming will close the factory and leave the business of manufacturing die cast products."

This is so sad.

Get them while you can.


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very sad indeed. when will this end.

July of this year.

For you 1/64 guys they made a some pickups a few years ago that are very nice. I can post a list if interested.


And some cool hot rods.


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Which was probably their undoing!

I think they were having production/labor problems over there. That's what I've heard on the diecast boards. Not sure about the truth of it though. I hate to see they are done. They've sure made some great pieces over the years. I really liked their 1/18 Road Legends line, and their Matchbox sized line from years ago was cool.

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