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Chopped 32 ford sedan


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Finished this one today, I had no intentions of chopping it at first (i was going to build it like the box art) but after eyeballing it i thought the roof was too high, so i chopped it about 3 or 4 mm and put it back together. I didn't plan on smoothing the roof but after i brush painted the roof tan it looked bad. paint was uneven and i lost the texture of the roof so i block sanded it smooth and repainted it. the body on this was giving me hell, the paint kept going wrong so when i got it sort of good i settled with it so the paints not perfect.

Anyway i like the overall look of it and I'm pleased with the final result.









I made the mistake of using super glue during the final assembly and i ended up with the white fogging from it. I cleaned it up as best i could but I'm not sure how to remove it easily

All comments welcome.

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I am impressed with your chop job Man!

BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near invisible!!

Your color choice was very good too!

I like it a lot!

I am so impressed that I may even do the same to one of my kits!

Thank You for sharing with Us here




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