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toyota 86 (FRS) rocket bunny


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heres a toyota 86 (frs) that ive been working on for a while now . it started out as a stock frs then i added a resin rocket bunny kit to it . i drilled out all the spots where the rivets dimples where in the kit and added hobby design rivets. i also oped up the doors. the wheels are volk te37v's . i swapped out the boxer motor and put a toyota 2jz with a single turbo on it . the exhaust and intake manifolds are scratch made and the throttle body. seats are model meister bride vorga's and scratch made takata harnesses. i know its not everyones cup of tea but i like this style so i built one as id like the car . hope you like sorry for the crappy pics ill take new one with better lighting tomorrow







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That is freaking Awesome that is just sick ! was the open doors and jambs part of the transkit if not you do awesome work

really dig it


the kit it self is a tamiya kit i opened up the doors and made the jams . thanks for the good comment

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Man that looks nice. I have thought about getting the Tamiya kit and the rocket bunny trans kit but couldn't find a good reason to, I think I have found one. Excellent job. Do you have a link to all of your builds?

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You do good clean work, and show quality building skills. Given this is clearly your forte, maybe you could help me with a question.

What is the deal with the too narrow tires on the rims that expose the rim to unnecesary damage? If the cars were being driven hard into cornering situations, that exposed rim offers more opportunity for the wheel lip to "catch" on an uneven or rough surface does it not? I have never seen any serious race car or autocross competition car, that would have the rims exposed like that, but I have been seeing this more and more on import tuners, but I don't understand the purpose. Anyone have any info?

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