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barn find 48 buick sedanette//danbury mint


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after seeing the chevy in the back of this old shed i thought i would check to see if anything good was inside. so i went and got my friend mike to for some support as you never know how the owner will react when asked to look in the shed. we approached the door and a very nice old lady answered.i told her who we were and said i saw the chevy by the shed and wondered if there were another car inside it. she informed me that there was indeed another car inside.it belonged to her late husband who bought it new and passed in the sixties. she said we only used it to go shopping or on small trips.her husband always kept his baby in top shape and it has been in the shed ever since.i said would you consider selling it and she said she would as it needed a new home.i went down to the shed and could not believe what was inside. well we negotiated a price and she gave me the title and keys she had them in her drawer all these years.

this is what we saw from the road


the doors are opened


we started to push it out into the light to get a better look


i could not believe how nice the interior was.


the trunk was virtually like the day it was parked


we did not try to start it but the engine looked good.


the body was complete and solid with only minor surface rust and only missing one hood piece.


pushed it back into the shed.we will pick it up this week. LUCKY ME.


Manny wake up wake up your having those car dreams again.

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