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2013 Retro Race for the Ring

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Race of Champions - Retro Race for the Ring
July 19-21, 2013
July 19 - Can-Am on the flat track, Stockers on the Tri-oval
July 20 - Can-Am on the King
July 21 - F1 on the King
2035 63rd Street
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Retro Can-Am on MIDWEST MONSTER (flat track) 3 pm 10.00 entry fee
Retro Stock Car on Tri-Oval 7 pm 10.00 entry fee
Both Retro Can-Am on the Monster and Stock Cars on the Tri-Oval will use Full IRRA LLC rules. Both events are use your own motors.
Track will open at 8 am and practice will be available on all tracks all day long and prior to the race events on each track.
CAN AM on the G-12 GERDING KING TRACK. Tech at 11 am
Entry Fee is 55.00 and INCLUDES One Brand New “HAND-OUT” Pro-Slot Puppy Dog motor. Additional motor may be purchased for 41.00 Only two hand out/purchased motors will be allowed to be used per entrant. 7 tooth pinions only.
Practice and motor hand out will start at 8 am and only Can-Am cars will be allowed on the King track during the practice session.
F1 on the G-12 GERDING KING TRACK. Tech at 11 am
Entry fee is 35.00 if using “HAND OUT” Can-Am motors or 55.00 if New “HAND OUT” motor is purchased. Additional motor 41.00. 7 tooth pinions only
Practice and motor hand out will start at 8 am and only F1 cars will be allowed on the King track during the practice session.
Pit Pass and Lunch Fees..... $ 10.00 per Day.
Race Formats
Both Can-Am and F1/Indy on the Gerding King races/events will be run using the R4-5 Format. Qualifying in both classes, qualifying mains seeded by qualifying times. Top 16 lap totals from the qualifying mains will be run in two semis and the Top 4 from each Semi will advance to the “A” Main.
Can-Am and Stock Car races/events will be Overall Lap Total formats. All racers will qualify, qualifying times will seed the racers into race mains and Overall Lap Totals from the race mains will determine the Overall Finish.
Hand-out Motor Rules
In Can-Am each racers entry fee will include One New P-S PD motor. The motors will be engraved at time of purchase and must stay in the raceway. Racers may only use the motor(s) they purchase. Racers may purchase one additional motor which will also be engraved at time of purchase. Any additional motors must be teched in and impounded at the same time as car is. If racer needs to use additional motor during event, they will have to get it from race control.
Any motors not turned in at tech will not be allowed to be used for the remainder of the event.
For the F1 class…… racers may use their engraved Can-Am motor(s) in the F1 class. These motors must stay at the raceway overnight. If the motors leave the raceway, they can not be used on Sunday in the F1 race/event. There will be a locked storage box for the motors on Saturday night.
F1 racers will also be allowed to have a new motor included in their entry fees and also purchase one additional motor for the F1 race/event as well.
The motors are not to be tampered with in any way. Any signs of tampering will result in immediate disqualification from that race/class.
No changing of motor brush types or spring types. The motors will use the P-S Gold Dust brushes and stock springs.
Additional Rules
All classes/races/events will use FULL IRRA LLC Car/Class rules with the exception of the use of Hand Out motors in the King Track Can-Am and F1/Indy races/events.
See All Rules here www.retroslotracing.com
On the Can Am and F1 hand out motors..... there will be no changing or replacing the brushes or springs that comes in the motors. The springs are locked and secured into place and any tampering of these two items will result in immediate disqualification.
Stock Car class. NO "offest" track width or bodies. The max width of the left and right side tires from the centerline of the guide flag is 1 1/2" The left and right side wheels ARE NOT to exceed this width. Cars with "sucked in" left side tires and "extended out" right side tires will not be allowed. Only P-S Puppy Dog motors allowed. 6 or 7 tooth pinions may be used; No other size permitted.
Can Am Flat Track Race. Only P-S Puppy Dog motors may allowed. 6 or 7 tooth pinions may be used; No other size permitted.
All classes: Snap On motor heat sinks and comm coolers allowed.
Race for the Ring......... the ring will be awarded to the driver with the best overall finish on the two King track races....Can Am and F1. The Stock Car and flat track Can Am races are not factored into the "Ring".
If two or more drivers are to tie in the overall finish..... the first tie breaker will be overall laps in the two classes per driver.
If two drivers are tied after this...... the tie breaker will be fastest race laps.
If there is still a tie......the tie breaker will be qualifying position.
If there is still a tie.... the tie breaker will be high heat in each race.
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